What happened to ATWH (Wake Host)?

Hello All
I have an application for Series 2 XBee (Zigbee)which involves a remote end device in sleep mode with pin wake. I want to avoid the use of MCUs.
I have a sensor (Hall)on a water meter that wakes the XBee and transmits the digital change as well as periodicaaly transmitting a temperature and supply battery voltage.
I was wanting to introduce a delay for another sensor to allow it to “warm up” and thought Wake Host would be ideal, but cannot find it in any firmware going back to 2870.
Has it gone for good?
I can do the same thing with CMOS using edge detection to introduce a short delay then wake the XBee, but is there a method in the recent firmware that anyone is aware of that would do the job of WH?

The Wake Host command is not a Zigbee enabled command but a Digi Mesh enabled command. The Zigbee enabled products don’t offer such a command. The only thing you can do on these is to take additional samples.

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Thanks mvut
I have been working from Faludi’s BWSN book which seems to be centred on Series 2 Zigbee. There is no mention of Digi Mesh, but he does throw in ATWH in the section on sleeping end devices. Not too sure what you mean by taking extra samples - IR? or how this would help. The CMOS solution seems to work OK, but ATWH would have been worth trying. I’m no CMOS expert, but I use 7414 (Schmitt) to do the edge detection to create a short delay before the XBee gets a wake up call and a second delay for the XBee to transmit the new data. A 4077 X-NOR gate sorts out all the combinations of edge detections. I know nothing about Digi Mesh