XBee only reads analog input from sleep every other wake?

I have an end device that sleeps for a period of time and then wakes. When it wakes, it seems that it only takes an analog reading and transmits to the coordinator every other wake cycle. It was my understanding that the xbee should do a read of the analog inputs (if they are set properly) immediately after coming out of a sleep cycle.

My settings on the end device are:
SM - 04
ST - 1000
SP - 3F0
SN - 1
SO - 0
PO - 0

DO - 02

IR - A98

check the wake on host parameter

Is that one of the parameters I already listed or another one that I am not aware of?

No the AT Characters are (WH) you find it in the command reference table on page 140:

Wake Host. Set/Read the wake host timer value. If the wake host timer is set to a nonzero
value, this timer specifies a time (in millisecond units) that the device should allow
after waking from sleep before sending data out the UART or transmitting an IO sample.
If serial characters are received, the WH timer is stopped immediately

Well, for whatever reason I don’t see this option. I am using XCTU vs 6.1.1 The end device I am using is in End Device API mode using firmware 29A7.

There is no option WH.