What is a direct access firmware?

I am new to digimesh & zigbee. I have a network of series 1 modules with digimesh network. I want to use a connect port X2 with them so I can connect to the network over internet, I just purchased a Connectport x2 from sparkfun, First I wanted to know which type of x2 is it, can it support digimesh. I tried looking all around , but couldn’t find out.

Details of my connectport x2 are:

Model: ConnectPort X2
Firmware: (Version 82001596_F3 02/12/2010)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82002307_C)

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it supports DigiMesh - but if the part number has ‘ZB’ or ‘Z11’ in, not Dm24, then you will need open the X2 and replace the XBee with a DM Xbee. It is not possible to make the ZB Xbee work with DM (& I doubt SparkFun sells the Dm version).

Be aware that doing a ‘XBee Network’ display causes a LOT of traffic to move. So if (for example) you have your mesh awake once per minute, but only awake for 4 seconds it will be hard to use the X2 to see or edit any of the remote XBee settings. It also helps if you wait for the mesh to be awake before you try to refresh the node list.

‘Direct Access’ depends on your goal. Do you plan to create a PC application which uses Ethernet to the X2? Then you turn the X2’s ‘mesh driver’ off and the Xbee looks like an XBee in an XBIB board on the X2’s new magically appearing serial port. This allows you to use Digi RealPort to make the XBee in the X2 look like a local serial device (like COM4), or you can open a TCP socket to TCP port 2101 and send direct API or AT-mode packets to the Xbee.