DigiMesh Interoperability with connectport X8

I have some questions about the interoperability of the digimesh modules with the connectport X8 gateway:

  1. ¿ How I can do compatible the ConnectportX8 with the digimesh modules ?

  2. ¿Wich firmware version of the Connectport is necesary ?

  3. ¿Wich firmware version should to have the module inside of the connectport X8 ?

I have two Connectport X8 with the Firmware:   (Version 82001115_C2 01/31/2008)   (Version 82001115_C 01/14/2008) 

But none can see the digimesh modules in the option: “Mesh Network / Network View of the Mesh Devices”.

¿ Could you help me ?

¿ Do you have some document with this information ?

I recently ordered a dev kit that included the ConnectPort X2. The firmware on the internal XBee was 1082. That means it is 802.15.4. The Ethernet interface module that connects to the serial side of that XBee is built to understand the command set from firm 1082 (or similar). The DigiMesh modules use firmware 8003 (currently). The command set is not directly compatible with the set from 8003. Digi needs to issue a new firmware image for the Ethernet/serial module that properly interacts with the DigiMesh 8003 firmware. Until that happens, you’re out of luck employing a ConnectPortX type device to interact with the DigiMesh devices.

Once I shifted my modules from firmware 10CD to 8003, I put the ConnectPortX back in the box. It’s just a paperweight with DigiMesh modules.

If you have the XBB-U-DEV and XCTU installation, you can perform the “ATND” operation in the terminal window to discover your nodes. You might also be able to employ the remote configuration operation. Digi needs to play catch up on this issue.

I’m strictly using API mode with a home grown library in ANSI C.

Yes, Digi is working on releasing a new version of the Code for the Gateways. However as the Digi Mesh 2.4 and 900 for the XBee modules is new, it may take a little time. In the mean time, you can restore the firmware on the radio using the System information section and update firmware option.

I put firmware 10CD on the XBee inside the ConnectPortX2. It works again as originally designed. Please send an announcement when the firmware is available for the Ethernet module to support DigiMesh firmware 8003 or better. Until then, the device isn’t very useful in my application.

My field application will have a PIC18F6680 driving an XBeePro with DigiMesh 8003 on multiple rail cars. The locomotive will have a Windows XP Embedded OS driving either an RS232 serial port or USB virtual COM port with a XBeePro/8003 aboard. Both ends will operate in API mode 2.