How to configure Serie1 for Digimesh with XCTU?

I burn firmware Xbee Digimesh 2.4 (v8070) in 2 xbee Serie 1.

I set on XCTU the following parameters:
CH = C
ID = 2323
DH = 0
BD = 9600
AP = 2 (API mode with escapes)
SM = 0 (normal)

but I cant see 2nd xbee when swtiching to “Network working mode”

Any help? Very poor documentation on quick start on the web.

The Digi Mesh 2.4 modules do not support that function yet. Only the Digi Mesh 900 HP and 868 LP support the necessary commands for that function.

However I managed to configure “router” in 3 xbee and see connection and dB on “Network working mode”. Is this stable? How I continue?

The function is stable but the radio you are using does not offer the necessary commands to support that function in XCTU. The fact that you had it partially work was it polling a few of the commands that the Digi Mesh 2.4 module supports. But it will not support it fully till the reset of the commands are added to the 2.4 Digi Mesh code/module.

ok. thanks.

Can I get a working mesh from Arduino with today Digimesh firmware? Do you know any working library?


Yes you can achieve a mesh. will it work on the 3rd party code you have? I can’t answer. You need to look into the interface they use with that code and check the manual to see if it matches. If it does, than it should work.