What is difference between 10k and 80k Xbee 865/868LP

I’m rather confused what is difference between 10k and 80k versions. I understand data rate but does 80k version supports DigiMesh to deliver data to any target in mesh network?

Datasheet tries to explain briefly in Directed Broadcast/Repeater mode and many options have exceptions DigiMesh (not available on 10k product), so I suppose DigiMesh is 80k version only, am I right ?

Can be mixed 10k and 80k modules in one network?
Is it matter of firmware or module is physically different? In other words is it possible re-flash to get opposite version?


Yes, the 80 K version is capable of running a mesh network where data can be sent from one node to any other node within the network.

No, you are not able to mix both the 10K and 80K in the same network as they run at different data rates and will not be able to hear each other.

It is basically a difference in the firmware version that is installed. Just don’t get confused between the 868 LP 10K and the XBee PRO 868 which are two different products and are not capable of communicating or sharing firmware files.

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