What is OFD and IFC and what causes them to go set?

We have an application using the serial port on a ConnectPort X4 to communicate with our RS-485 sensors. With a few gateways, the serial port will stop transmitting and it appears to be due to the OFC indication getting set. The only way I have found to get things working again is to reboot the gateway. What is OFC (and IFC) and what causes it to go set? We are using DIA 1.4.14 and our python driver opens the port as self._serial_port = SerialPort(serial_device=port, baud_rate=2400, stop_bits=1, data_bits=8, parity=ā€˜Nā€™, flow_control=ā€˜Nā€™). Any help in resolving this would greatly be appreciated.


Maybe this link helps:

What does OFC and IFC mean and how do I resolve it?