Port Server II/16EM

2 Questions
#1 What is OFC and IFC? I have three ports with OFC set and will not let me do Serial Tunneling, I get traffic one way not the other. The other 5 ports I am using work fine with out OFC set.

#2 How do I clear or defualt an individual ports configuration?

I am doing Serial Tunneling across the hospital network.

Hello mreese,

  1. Outbound flow control and Inbound flow control.

  2. Use the kill command. See page 2-19 of the PortServer II command reference:

Thank You.

When I do the kill command it does not reset the OFC/IFC bit.

Will the OFC or IFC restrict serial data across that port? It looks like my ports get this set after I set the port and start using it, I am following the port more closely now that I have had a couple issues where the datat stopped flowing.

I have been able to reset the OFC by toggling the IXON bit.

OFC means the buffer on the attached device overflowed. IFC means the Digi port buffer overflowed. Sometimes the kill command is not enough to clear it. In your particular case, the port was waiting for the ixon signal to finish sending data. In some cases the situation can be worse where only a reboot will clear a buffer overflow condition.

It seems as though your ports either do not have flow control configured or there is a mis-match between the flow control settings on the Digi ports and the attached serial device.

Check the flow control settings on your Digi ports (set flow) and make certain they match up not only with each other, but also with the attached serial device.