Portserver TS16 cabling

We are using a TS16 with xon/xoff flow control. We use eight wire flat cables straight-thru with a 10 pin end on the digi side, and an eight pin end on the other (on digi side, pins 1 and 2 are empty). The eight pin end plugs into RJ45/DB25 adapter as follows…
3 to 3
4 to 2
5 to 7
6 to 4
8 to 20
Occasionally, our oki printers receive hang and show both flow control signals present. I believe the two are ixon and ixoff. Any suggestions?

Please confirm the Okidata printer has the following values configured:

Protocol: XON-XOFF
Ready/Busy: SSD-
DSR: Invalid

The Ready/Busy setting is unique to Okidata printers and will cause problems with software flow control if it is not set for “SSD-”.

The serial settings in the printer are as follows:
7 or 8 bits=8
busy line=dtr
dsr signal=invalid
dtr signal=ready on power up

Thanks in advance

The cable and flow control settings should be ok, as long as cable is wired TX to RX, RX to TX (null modem cable).

The other part of the flow control equation which comes into play is how flow control is set on the tty/com port device, if you’re using the Realport driver. Check the settings on the OS side if this is the case and make sure Xon/Xoff flow control is set there as well.

You should just change the Ready/Busy setting from DTR to SSD- so XON/XOFF (software flow control works).