TS16 cable for Seiko Label printer

I am trying to configure a realport for use with a Seiko Smart Label Printer 200. The printer has a RJ11 connector, and a cable that converts this to DB9 female.

The DB9 end uses pins 2,3,5,6, and 8. Pin 6 and 8 are tied together in the cable, and pin 5 is also shorted to the DB9 shell.

The documentation lists the DB9 pinout as follows:
2 - RxD
3 - TxD
5 - SG
6 - DSR
8 - CTS

Thanks for your help.

Hello Mr. Miller,
The cable you have documented seems a little odd. Is your printer expecting to do hardware or software flow control? For DTE devices (Printers terminals, PCs) DSR and CTS are inputs, so they could not be used by your printer to control flow.

In any event, here is how you would normally connect your printer to the Digi PortServer TS, based on the diagram you supplied:

Digi RJ45 8 Pin Printer’s DB9
TxD - 4=================2 - RxD
RxD - 5=================3 - TxD
SG - 6==================5 - SG
DTR - 8=================6 - DSR, 8 - CTS