TS portserver - flow control for serial connection handshaking

I am trying to connect a device to my TS portserver but am having some issues with setting up flow control. I am able to log on to my TS via telnet without any problems but when i connect to my device and press a few keys all i get is garbage.
The device im using says it uses ‘Hardware Flow Control’ and i have tryed disabling the default Flow settings and enabling the CTS and/or RTS with no success. I believe everthing else is correct (baud rate, parity, etc) unless the cable i am using is bad (straight RJ-45 cable for handshaking). Is there something simple i am missing?


You will want to be sure the hardware signal being used by the attached serial device is wired to the Digi CTS pin.

Also, you will want to confirm the parity, baud and stop bit settings are matched up as they can produce garbage if there is a mis-match.

Re: TS portserver - flow control for serial connection handshaking
ok i am almost positive everything is configured correctly. I’ve figured out that the cable i am using must be wrong. Currently i have a standard network crossover cable, I found the pinout for the cable i think i need;


Does this look right to you?