Port is blocked due to flood?

I am trying to connect a serial device to the digi, the device itself outputs data constantly and i can verify data coming in when connected directly to a com port, the cables are fine and so is the connector according to the digi. when looking at the port information i see no traffic going in, this happens in both the ES and TS brands, when using a Digi SP One i got the data coming in but not as it should (yes using a different connector). it is as if the digi is blocking all communication on that port, maybe the device is flooding it? any solution to open it up? thank you

How are you attempting to read the data from the port?

If the port is not opened to read the data, it is possible for the port buffer to overflow. Also, make sure port logging is turned off, as it will cause an overflow.

Are you using the RealPort driver? If so, what version/operating system?