Unexpected Portserver II problem.


I’m working for a small firm which does automatization of dialysis centres.

We have installed in such a centre a portserver which is connected by its serial ports to two dialysis machines and on the ehternet-side to our application which has a driver for those machines.

If I open one connection via the portserver to one dialysis machine, everthing works fine. But if I open another connection via the portserver to the other dialysis-machine, I get a tcp-connection, but I get no data from the dialysis machine.

The first dialysis machine we connect to, is able to send its data, but the second connection only establish a tcp-connection to the portserver.

It looks like if the second connection is not put through to the dialysis machine.

Im a complete newbie in the port-server area, so I am a bit in the dark here.

Can someone help me??

It would be very appreciated.


Are you using the RealPort driver? If so, which version and operating system are you using?

If you are using TCP sockets, which port sockets are being used (i.e. 2000, 2100, 2500, etc…)?

You may want to contact Digi Tech. Support directly to troubleshoot this further.