Switch from PortServer TS 8 to Digi one TS fails

I have been building an app to query data via RS232 to our mill compressor system. When I tested and built the app I used a Portserver TS 8 and the app works fine. I then ordered a Digi one TS H to put into production and when I connect it up, it triggers the compressor to continuously send back data. When I us our line sniffer it shows this effect. To reset the serial connection all I have to do is connect it back to the Poertserver and the compressors stop spewing data. I thought the Digi one TS and portserver TS are the same things but I am wrong. Can you please tell me how to make the Digi one work in the same manner as the portserver? I am using realport mode in both cases.

Please confirm that the port settings are the same for both units. This can be checked from the root prompt of the Digi units:

#> set port range=(port#)
#> set line range=(port#)
#> set flow range=(port#)

What operating system is running the RealPort driver?

Yes, they are the same on both devices. I am using Windows XP and the driver appears to be the same for both devices: 11/15/2004. This is not the issue as when I plug the Digi one TS in without a serial connection to the device via realport (anotherwords I can disconnect the digi from the network) it starts spewing garbage with no port connected! It appear the device is talking to the compressors without anything connected through it. I then pop it back on the Portserver TS 8 and it stops spewing data and works as I expect it to when I connect with my app. The Physical hardware settings on the Digi one TS differ somehow that cause this spewing effect and I don’t know where to look to stop it or even if I can stop it.