What is the difference between Peer-to-peer and point-to-point network topologies?

Hello everyone, It’s first time I try to work with XBP9X-DMRS-001 devices so I’m totally newbie.

I can’t compare the advantages of Peer-to-peer and point-to-point topologies, can someone help figure out this problem?


Think of Point to point being two people talking to each other over the phone. The two can only talk to each other.

Peer to peer is like a crowed room or elevator where everyone hears each others conversations.

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And another problem is: what is the difference between Peer-to-peer and mesh?

Mesh allows data to follow from Node A to Node G via Nodes B and F even though Node A is only in range of B, F is only in range of B and G and G is only in range of F.

That is, the path that is needed to get the data from the origin to the destination with the least number of hops possible keeping in mind that each hop is out of range of the last.

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Just one more question: can you introduce the Point-to-multipoint characteristics?

Point to multi-point is where a single point sends out a broadcast packet to all Remotes and each of the remotes sends back Unicast packets to the base so only the base can hear it.

Thank you very much.

Think of Peer to peer as a crowded Elevator. One talks and they all hear.

Point to point is like a telephone call. Only the two ends of the phone can hear each other.