Xbee settings Peer to peer and Point to point and Point to multi-point protocol


Open terrain, API mode, xbee series 1.
A, B, C, D are stations with xbee devices, each device has our MCU and is controlled by MCU.
A knows the 16 bit address of B
B knows the 16 bit address of C
C knows the 16 bit address of D
A sends a data packet “X” to B
We would like the data packet “X” at D to arrive.
How to set the parameters
CH =
ID =
CE =
A1 =
AP =
MM =
DH =
DL =
BD =
Thanks for the answers

Node D would have to be in range of A for it to receive data from A.

The default code for the S1 802.15.4 does not support mesh which is what you would need if the desired receiving module is out of range of the transmitting module.