what is the difference between Xbee 900 S2 pro programmable and the Xbee 900 s3 pro programmable?

I haven’t found a examples of codes for Xbee pro S3 programmable. I would like to know if can I use the sample codes for the s2 on the s3.


Yes the same Code examples are designed to work on all three programmable versions.

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Ok, then If i run a code designed for the S2 on the s3 board it will works. But, in my case, I have 3 xbee s3b 900 programmable and I have been having a ward time to figure out how can I implement a digimesh network using the codewarrior.

I would like to implement this architecture:

1 Gateway ConnectPort X2 + 3 Xbee 900 programmable for remote sensing.

Please, Do you have some examples, tutorials?

Any of the Code examples will basically do what you want. That is to accept some sort of data, do something with that data and then send it to a node. In this case a node that is on a gateway.