What is the difference between XBIB-U and XBIB-U-DEV?


I am working with XB24-ZB modules and I want to get an XBIB to troubleshoot the modules I have briked and to be able to up-date firmware later on. I haven’t be able to find what is the difference between XBIB-U and XBIB-U-DEV.

Can anyone help me determine which one I should get?

Thank you

This is the board that you want to purchase:


I am even more confused now. Being in the UK I am trying to order this through uk.mouser.com. On their website, the only difference seem to be that the X-BIB-U is an interface board and X-BIB-U-DEV is a development board. I’m not sure what that means, but from the link above the part number is X-BIB-U-DEV and is referenced as an interfacing board. Are both products doing the same thing?

There is very little difference between the XBIB-U and XBIB-U-DEV. Really the only difference is that the -DEV is a Development board which has additional switches, LED’s and test points over the XBIB-U. Otherwise they are the same product and offer the same general function with respect to the UART and your ability to upload firmware via them.

Thank you for your help.