What is the format of the data stream?

If I want to use the data from the sensors bypassing the cloud and going to a 3rd party server, what format does that stream end up in? SQL? Is it possible to manipulate that data the gateway is seeing into a different format?


If you have for example ConnectPort X4 and some temperature sensors you have some ways to develop your application.

One way is to poll sensors periodically from your CPX4 and then send these readings to your database server computer using for example HTTP requests. Your server computer has interface to process these HTTP requests and saves the data to database.

Another way is to configure your sensors to periodically send data to XBee network and sleep rest of the time. Your CPX4 (coordinator) now needs python program which listens to the XBee network traffic and gets the sensor data and processes it to readable sensor readings. And then its like before sending data to the server.

If you collect your data with your own python application without using DIA framework, its just text and numbers and you need to convert or build whatever kind of strings or XML or whatever your server interface would want to accept.


If you require the source code you can request Digi to provide. They will be having sample programs.
In periodic sampling you need to set IR to some non zero value, so that modules will send the data to X4 at particular interval. you need to parse the data coming from the modules and then you can send this parsed data to database