What is the latest version of the RabbitWeb library ?

Hello, you can check the version of the rabbit web library in the file ‘ReleaseNotes_RabbitWeb.txt’ under DC installation path below

It seems like, the latest versions are
Version 1.06 for DC10.72
Version 1.05 for DC9.62

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Thank you for your swift response. I’m using DC 10.72 so i’m assuming I must have the latest version of RabbitWeb 1.06 as it all comes packaged together. Unfortunately, i’m finding RabbitWeb to be quite ‘buggy’ - my web pages are often rendered with etc. when the tag should have been replaced by the ZHTML parser.

There is a document at the below link, this explains how to create Dynamic web pages with the embedded web server. I hope It may help you.


It’s extremely kind of you to respond, thank you. I’m familiar with that document - it was very helpful when I started out with RabbitWeb several years ago. My project is now quite advanced and i’m looking for a solution to the specific issue that I mentioned earlier. Have you any idea how can end up in the HTML of a page that has been supposedly 'parsed by RabbitWeb ? FYI - I use Notepad++ to edit my HTML documents. Should I be using a dedicated HTML editor like Frontpage perhaps ?

Hello, I am not that much familiar with this, But I suggest you ,
Please check the TCP/IP volume 2 at the below link

In the document mentioned that , how it works.
You can use Notepad++ to edit the HTML documents, I do not think the problem with the notepad++.


I have developed several years ago a program that has powerfull web pages (users, forms, tables, etc.) using RCM4000 and dynamic 10.62 with RabbitWeb.
Everything have worked fine during six years. But this morning I use the dynamic C 10.72 with the same program. This run well but the web pages are totally corrupted with etc as Tony mentioned.
After that I installed the HTTP.LIB patch showed in support page for 10.70. But the program continues showing bad web pages.
So, it is like with 10.72 the RabbitWeb is not working fine.

I can confirm that the version of Rabbit Web supplied with Dynamic C 10.72 is buggy when it comes to parsing Z tags.

The bug can be demonstrated using an HTML file of just 285 bytes (shown below) …

Get your rabbit module to serve up this file. Experiment with the