Rabbitweb module

I have only recently upgraded Dynamic C from 6.57 to 9.52 - quite an upgrade! Also have a need to have a nice web interface on a current design, so thought Rabbitweb sounds like a good tool to use.
Each time I run a sample (say humidity.c), I get an error that says Rabbit web is an enhancement, and the module needs to be purchased. Looking at the website, it says that the module comes with Dynamic C, but I would suspect in my upgrade process, this modules did not get included.

The question then, is can I check if this module is installed, and if not how can I get hold of it? The website has several upgrades, but these are only good if you have the original module installed.

Any help appreciated.

Hi, Danico:

We are evaluating the Rabbit Web module to add control-over-web function to our current product. Does the web module have a lot of functions? How do you like it? Could you send email to me: gavinz@gmail.com?


Problem sorted. Downloaded 9.62, and all now works.

Dynamic C 9.62:

Also downloaded on Jul 26, 2008. The RabbitWeb module seems to be missing.

[QUOTE=danico;1959]Problem sorted. Downloaded 9.62, and all now works.

Dynamic C 9.62:

All I see is version 9.52. Where is version 9.62?

NEVERMIND… I see it as 9.62 now. Must be work in progress.:slight_smile: