What is the maximum source file size for Dynamic C 10.72

Is there anything preventing me from having multiple .c files and including them at the top of the main application file? Is there a file size limitation? I don’t need libraries since all functions will be included all of the time. I’m using 10.72.

I haven’t used it myself but I believe the project functionality added in recent versions of DC allows you add .c files to a project and use “normal” C files with .h header files etc.


Yes it can be done that way. However, each c file has it’s own scope. So if for example I want to have a webserver and telnet client in different c files the TCPIP.lib will only be visible in the first file compiled and I’m not sure how to make it visible to both. In ANSI C you would just include the header file in both c files. Not sure how to accomplish this with DC