What is the process to enroll a XBee coordinator to and IAS Zone cluster?

Good morning,

I’m working with XBee S2C boards to make a ZigBee HA network. Now I have a motion sensor from Develco:

It has several clusters: Temperature, Illuminance, Occupancy and IAS Zone. I can bind to temperature, illuminance and occupancy clusters, but their are sending messages periodically, not when the status of the occupancy changes or the temperature changes. For that, I must enroll to the IAS Zone cluster, but I couldn’t do that so far.
This cluster is not sending any Enroll Request or Match Descriptor request. Does anyone know the specific steps to enroll this kind of clusters?

Thank you in advance and best regards.

Looks like they have some info on in on page 11 at https://www.develcoproducts.com/media/2745/moszb-120-technical-manual-motion-sensor.pdf

Page 12 seems to tell you what the ZDO structure is.

Thanks for the answer mvut,

Yes, I have looked at the manual, but my problem was that I sent (supposed) right message to the device and I never receive an answer. But it seems that at least I am receiving an answer, thank you anyway.

Hello @Senyor_Munyoz did you solve the problem? I have a similar issue on a different IAS device.


Yes, it seems that is working now. What I did was:

  • First the IAS device send a Match Descriptor request. Yo should reply it with a Match Descriptor response telling the device that your coordinator accept this descriptor.
  • After that, the IAS Device send a Zone Enroll Command from the IAS Zone cluster. You should send a Zone Enroll response.
  • You should send a Write Command message you overwrite the IES_CIE_Address and put the IEEE Address of your coordinator. I think you can send this message before the other if you want, but I’m not sure.

After that, the IAS Device should report periodically its status, depending on the device the period probably should change. If you can’t make it work don’t hesitate asking.


I’ve the same problem. I want to connect my door sensor with my XBees. Which API-Commands did you use to pair the end device? It would be nice, if you can show me your Commands step-by-step.