Can Xbee coordinator receive ZDO commands from sensor?

I am new to the zigbee world, but I have been learning a lot recently from this forum and other websites. Please, bear with me as I try to explain and break down my problem from a novice perspective into a multi-part question.

I finally manged to use a Xbee ZB SMT Module and configure it as my coordinator for this project. I used these settings ( to configure my coordinator to work the Zigbee HA Profile.

I got two sensors: smartthings motion sensor (SKU: IM6001-MTP01) and centralite motion sensor (SKU: 3328-G). I managed to join my smartthings sensor to the XBee coordinator as you can see in the picture below, but the link between the two is appearing in gray which I am not sure if that’s a bad indication.

Now I started learning about Zigbee API Frames, Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL), and Zigbee Device Object (ZDO) Commands. I am using API Frame 0x11 (Explicit Addressing Command Frame) to send API packets to the sensor. As far as I am seeing, these packets are being transmitted successfully. However, I am not sure if I even need to send an API packet to my sensor in order to receive the data if motion is detected.

Shouldn’t the sensor automatically start sending these motion detection API packets to the coordinator once joined? If not, what zigbee cluster and command exactly I need to use for this purpose? If you can help with complete API Frame, if that’s what I need, then I would really appreciate it too.

Thank you all in advance for your tremendous help and support in this forum!