Details and question on Xbee

I have used TI’s CC2530 Zigbee SOC with ZStack on it. But i want to use Different Host microcontroller which will communicate to zigbee transceiver for sending and receiving data. Then i looked this Xbee. So i planned to buy Xbee. Before that i need some clarification. Already i have gone through the Manual of that.
As per my understanding we need to communicate host controller and Xbee through UART. We need to send that through AT commands or API. But i did’t see in the manual how Xbee receive data and sends to host microcontroller. So my questions are.

  1. Xbee is already ported Zigbee Stack on it?

2.After powering up initially, Xbee will act as a Coordinator or End Device?Because in TI Stack while compiling we should tell how it should act(Coordinator or End device).

3.I have seen in manual we can unicast the data. But how can i know the address of other Devices.

  1. Whether Coordinator knows what are the device are joining to it?If yes, how user can know that.

Please help me to start in this platform


Yes, the firmware for the XBee ZB and SMT ZB modules already has a functioning ZigBee stack.

The roll of the radio will depend on its AT command or what firmware version is installed.

There are several ways to know who is in the network. The first is to use API mode and have the device announce its self when it joins the network. The next is to send a Node Discovery or to initiate the ND command.