What is the WiFi / Bluetooth module in the Connect Core 6UL ?

What is the WiFi / Bluetooth module in the Connect Core 6UL ?

Does it support Monitor mode ? (Which allows for example to listen to WiFi probe request)


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The wireless variant of the ConnectCore 6UL system-on-module contains Qualcomm-Atheros chip QCA6564A, which is Bluetooth-capable. This module is built with coexistence in mind and handles the Bluetooth coexistence internally.
The Bluetooth interface is connected to the i.MX6UL via the UART1 port.

I have just made a quick test and monitor mode seems possible. I modified a DEY project to add tcpdump, connected to a wireless access point, got a DHCP address and pinged a device on the network. I then launched tcpdump with:
root@ccimx6ulsbc:~# tcpdump -c 100 -vv -i wlan0 -w /tmp/wlan0.pcap

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Thanks. I am also looking for the WiFi module. How configurable it can be, like changing tx power or switching channels?

The tcpdump doesn’t work for me (Yocto 3.0):
root@btc-ew7:~_0$ tcpdump -c 100 -vv -i wlan0
tcpdump: wlan0: SIOCETHTOOL(ETHTOOL_GET_TS_INFO) ioctl failed: Unknown error 524
root@btc-ew7:~_1$ tcpdump -c 100 -vv -i wlan1
tcpdump: wlan1: SIOCETHTOOL(ETHTOOL_GET_TS_INFO) ioctl failed: Unknown error 524

After I found on some boards that monitor mode is pretended to be possible with
root@btc-ew7:~_0$ iw list
Wiphy phy0

Supported interface modes:
* managed
* AP
* monitor
* P2P-client
* P2P-GO

I tried to use monitor mode:
root@btc-ew7:~_127$ iw phy phy0 interface add mon0 type monitor
root@btc-ew7:~_0$ ip link set dev mon0 up

But when I tried to do monitoring on special channel/frequency it failed:
root@btc-ew7:~_130$ iw dev mon0 set channel 36
command failed: Operation not supported (-95)

root@btc-ew7:~_161$ iw dev mon0 set freq 5180
command failed: Operation not supported (-95)

First question:
Is monitor mode for Wifi supported on ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro?

Second question:
What is the Wifi chip? Is it Qualcomm QCA6564 as stated on Digi web or an Airgo as I see in inSSIDer for my board Airgo_89:89:FE with MAC 00:0A:F5:89:89:FE?

The wireless module is Qualcomm QCA6564
The driver does not support monitor mode due to license restrictions. You might be able to purchase and port driver with monitor mode support for this chipset directly from Qualcomm.