DIGI connect core 6UL COM2


We are using DIGI connect core 6ul starter kit for an application,
We need to enable the UART2 which is multiplexed with spi3.

Able to compile default yocto kernel with digi patch.

How to enable COM2(UART2), does this need kernal recompilation?

COM1(UART1) is available as /dev/ttymxc0 we need COM2 to be available similar in device tree

Any help is appreciated .


On the CC6UL system-on-module
UART1 is connected to the Bluetooth chip (on modules with Bluetooth).
All other seven UARTs are available for peripheral use.

On the ConnectCore 6UL SBC Express:
UART4 is available on the expansion connector (2-wires, TTL level).
UART5 is routed to the console connector.

I do not believe UART2 is available on castellated pins that SBC express is using on this SOM.
You can doublecheck this using DIGI CONNECTCORE SMART IOMUX tool: