Connectcore 6UL pro UARTs


I have a couple of questions regarding the UARTs on the Connectcore 6UL pro.

Are i.MX6UL UART2 and I/O expander UART2 different UARTs, and can we use both?
Is it possible to use the console port UART5 as a normal UART (ie connect external devices to it)?

The documentation has a note for UART1 saying “Two signals of the I/O expander are reserved to be used as a UART. They are connected to an RS-232 level adapter. CAUTION! This functionality is not supported by the current I/O expander firmware.” To clarify, does this mean they cannot be used? Also, is this different to the RS232_IOEXP_2_TX and RX on j29 pins 1 and 2?


you can find the list of available UART ports on cc6ul here:

IO Expander UART was in plans but it was never implemented and will not be implemented in the future. I believe we removed any mentioning of it from all recent documentation.