What means standard node?

Hello, my question is the next:

I have a Xbee-Pro 868 Single Channel. In the configuration of the module, in the part of Networking, CE enable coordinator, I have 3 Options to configurate the module; as coordinator, as end device, and as Standard node.

By default, the node is configurated as Standard node, and the modules can comunicate with each other, so what is the function of Standard node? Is like a router? just recieve the Signal and send the Signal?

Another question would be:
The module is DP, so Point-multipoint, is possible Change the Firmware and put Digimesh?

Thanks so much

Yes, it just send and receives data that is in range. That is the definition of a standard node.

No, the pro module you are working with does not offer a Digi Mesh version of the code.