What to do after LTE disassociation then association

I am using Digi XBee3 LTE CAT1 (AT&T) modem (P/N XB3-C-A1-UT-001) to connect to the AWS IoT broker. Currently the MQTT Keep Alive is set to 5 minutes. Every now and then, I see the modem status messages (0x8A using API frame mode) come out indicating a disassociation (03), then an association (02) within a few seconds apart. In this case, if my AWS connection has already been established prior to disassociate/associate, do I need to tear down the AWS connection, meaning MQTT disconnect -> socket close, then restart the AWS connecting steps?


Unless you are getting a port close message and your next packet fails, I would not worry about it.

Digi support

Hi, Digi Support,
Thanks for answering my question. It seems to me that once disassociation/association happens, within a matter of seconds, the next message always fails at the TLS layer. I run the mbedTLS library on my processor, and I have to tear down the TLS connection to recover from this situation.

Currently I monitor both modem status 0x8A API frame and the AI status. I am not entirely clear the differences between these two. Is association/disassociation synonymous to connected or not connected to Internet then?

I am new to cellular technology. Forgive me if my questions sound silly. Thanks.


Then in that case, you will need to re-establish the connection.

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