When Configuring XBEE S68 WiFi, How To Set the DNS Name of the S68 WiFi Adapter?

I am using an XBee S68 WiFi Adapter plugged into my embedded controller board. I am going to be sending UDP packets to the S68 from a Windows-based PC. I am configuring the S68 module with Digi XBIB-U-DEV RevD board connected to my Windows 10 computer via a USB connection.

The Zigbee module is configuring just fine using the latest version of the XCTU program (I can set the port number, the Access Point SSID and WPA2 password etc). I am bewildered though as how to set the S68 Adapter’s DNS name so that my Windows-based PC client program (which uses Winsock2) can connect to the S68 by its “friendly” DNS name rather than the DHCP generated IP address (which of course can be changed by the access point).

Can someone tell me how to configure the DNS friendly name of my S68 module?  Thanks!

The closest it supports to that is the Lookup IP Address of FQDN
Perform a DNS
lookup of the given FQDN and output its IP
address. When the command is issued in API
mode, the IP address is formatted in binary. In all
other cases (e.g. command mode), the format is
dotted decimal notation.

Please note that this is NOT a Zigbee module. It is an XBee module. The Term Zigbee refers not to a product but to a wireless protocol.

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, you didn’t answer my question… I asked simply how to set the “Fully Qualified Domain Name” of the S68 adapter in XCTU so that other computers on the network can find the S68 adapter by its “friendly DNS name” rather than by its IP address. In short my question is this…

How does one set the DNS friendly name of the S68 in XCTU?

No it does not support a Fully qualified domain name. It only support direct IP.