Does S6B have a network name and how can it be changed

I am setting the S6B up DHCP and need to be able to address it knowing the IP can change. E.g. if the device was named new-host and the network was named home, I could ping new-host.home instead of, knowing the module may not keep the IP address.

No as far as I am aware it does not offer a network name or something of that nature that can be used from a device other than another Xbee. But you can try the NI command to see if it works from an external device or not.

If the s6b is in dhcp and the ip afdress is not currently known, how would you recommend finding It? A dhcp set address has an expiration date, we will have a number of these on the same network. I would appreciate the suggestion.

You could have your device connected to the radio send out a UDP broadcast packet announcing it’s IP address.

When you mention having my device connected to the radio, I am using the s6b on it’s own for it’s IO capability. Is there a way to have the s6b sent the broadcast periodically on it’s own?

I am using coordinator with default settings and AP=1. Now I changed coordinator as router. Both the routers can communicate
each other but if I make one as coordinator , communication turns in to one way( only router to coordinator is possible but reverse is not). Also no response at all. But module is powering up i can alter different parameters. I am using Transmit request(0x10) API packet.


No, the XBee WIFI module does not offer that. Just think of it as a cable. A cable with a few DIO and ADC lines on it. That is just about all it is.

You need to integrate your DHCP server with a DNS server so that you can refer to your device by name. Not all DHCP servers do this so it may not be possible.