Where can I download dia 1.1.7?

I feel sorry to ask this, but I searched on the web site for hours for idigi dia version 1.1.7 or later and couldn’t get it.
By the way, I’ve been spending a lot a lot of time on searching for documents and drivers and softwares on digi web site these days. That really make me exhausted. Can someone give some advices on how to get what you need as soon as possible? I suppose my searching skill isn’t so bad…

thanks a lot!

Hello there,

iDigi Dia version 1.1.17 is a very old version and I think you won’t be able to download it from Digi anymore. After 1.1.17 Digi released 2 new versions of iDigi Dia: 1.2.19 and 1.3.8. Only Dia 1.3.8 is available to download from the iDigi portal , you must create an account, login and go to the Resources section.

Digi also released a development environment called Digi ESP for Python, which simplifies the development of Python and Dia projects for remote Digi devices. It lets you to build, transfer and execute your applications remotely just with a couple of clicks. It also, contains several Python and Dia examples and includes the latest version of the iDigi Dia software, so you don’t need to download it from iDigi. In addition, it lets you to debug your applications remotely, so I recommend you to try it.

Digi ESP for Python - Windows:


Digi ESP for Python - MacOS:


After the installation the environment will be executed automatically. Follow these steps to get started:
[li]It will ask you for a workspace (the directory where your projects will be saved), you can leave it with the default value.
[/li][li]You will be prompted to the Welcome window, which contains several icons (links). Locate the First Steps link and click it.
[/li][li]You will see several getting started guides, I suggest you to follow the the iDigi Dia or Python guides, depending on the project you want to develop.
Hope it helps.


PS: The environment contains all the documentation you need to work with the Digi ESP and all the documentation (including API reference) of the iDigi Dia. You will find it going to Help > Help Contents in the IDE. There you can select the desired documentation book.

Thanks very much! Really helpful~~