where can I download DigiXBeeDrivers.zip?

Hello everyone:
There is something wrong when I run the iDigi Dia project, and the consoles show as follow:

Exception in thread xbee_device_manager:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./threading.py”, line 442, in __bootstrap
File “d:\Connect port X4\Digi\python\DevTools-2.1\Dia\Dia_2.1.1\src\devices\xbee\xbee_device_manager\xbee_device_manager.py”, line 677, in
File “d:\Connect port X4\Digi\python\DevTools-2.1\Dia\Dia_2.1.1\src\devices\xbee\xbee_device_manager\zigbee_device_manager.py”, line 204, i
n validate_network_protocol
ZigBeeDeviceManagerUnsupportedModuleType: module_id: 1, accepted module ids: (3, 10, 0)

I think my connectport lacks of the file DigiXBeeDrivers.zip, but I don’t know where I can download this file.
forget my poor English,
thank you!


You would rename it to DigiXBeeDrivers.zip and upload it to the gateway.