Why are Xbee and Arduino baud rates not working correctly in Xbee S1

Connecting to USB port with FTDI friend.

I am having issues with the Arduino baud rates not working correctly with the xbee. Here is what I have been struggling with for the past couple of weeks…
When xbee and code are set for 38400 baud rate the Serial Monitor only displays correct data when the serial monitor baud rate is set to 19200. If I go and change all of the baud rates to 19200 the data only displays correctly when I change baud rate in serial monitor to 9600. It is like it only works at half of whatever baud rate is set (and therefore doesn’t work when I try to communicate with xbee).

Here is what I have tried so far:
Tried running with Arduino 1.0, 1.6.12, 1.0.5, 1.6.13, 1.6.6 - Same behavior.
Then I completely removed all installations of Arduino. Did a clean install of Arduino 1.8.1 Changed baud rate on USB port to 19200. Set Xbee and code to 19200. Still only got correct data in serial monitor at 9600 baud (just as it would only work at 19200 when set baud rates to 38400).

Xbee is mounted on Adafruit Xbee adapter. (Have also tried using sparkfun Xbee Explorer Regulated with no luck)

Checked VCC pin and got reading of 4.9, so I believe this is the Arduino pro mini 5v 16mhz as it should be.

I have also tried using several Xbees (S1) and that doesn’t make any difference.

Did you change the baud rate on the XBee module(s) to match the desired rate?

Yes, I changed baud rates for XBee modules in XCTU to match the baud rate that is set for USB port and in the arduino code.

Then it is going to be an issue with the clock rate or the divisor that you are using or an issue with the crystal.

Forgive my lack of knowledge on this, but I don’t have any idea where to begin on looking into your suggestion. I don’t know anything about clock rates, divisors or what crystal that is. Please elaborate (and if possible, let me know what is required to fix). Thanks!

Sounds like what you need to do then is to talk to your Arduino support. The simple reason for that is that this forum is for XBee support and the issue is within the Arduino.

Ok. Thank you.