Cannot communicate thru XBees, any help please???


I’m a newbie to XBees modules. I’ve bought a pair of XBee Pro modules and I cannot make them talk to each other. One is connected to PC and the other one to Arduino.

Xbee connected to PC

Xbee connected to Arduino

Xbee/Arduino connections, code and behavior upon Send/Receive

Xbee-PC firmware settings

Xbee-Arduino firmware settings

I think that explains the whole scenario at my end but still it doesn’t work for me. Am I still doing anything wrong?

Did you try using the quick start guide using X-CTU to make the two XBees communicate directly with eachother?

Hi plenderi,

Thanx for your reply. I got it working lately.
Dun know what was wrong.
I did the wiring again, changed baude rate and set some parameters and everythng started working smoothly.

Thanx anyways though.