Why do XBee-PRO SX development boards need to be separated by 2m?

I have just received a “Digi XBee SX RF Module Dev Kit” and reading the User Guide it says “Connect the SX development boards to the USB port on a PC via the mini-USB cables. Separate the SX development boards by at least 2 m (6 ft).”. What happen if two XBee SX are communicating each other by a distance less than 2 m? Is this warning only for XBee-PRO SX modules or for XBee SX too? Thanks.

The PRO version of the SX product is a 1W transmitter. You need the separation to keep from damaging the front end of the receiver.

Hi, thanks for your answer. Then the warning is only valid for the PRO (1 watt) version, right?

That would be correct.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: