Why I don't can get connect ZigBee module CC2530F256 model from my computer to xctu software?

I have big problem for connecting from my computer to xctu software for radio module in ZigBee module CC2530F256. My computer operating system is Windows 10 Home 64bit, and i’m use Xbee Assessory Shield WS-10567. What I should do, if I will solve to my problem?
https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Waveshare-Accessory-Shield-0-96inch-OLED-compatible-with-Arduino-UNO-WS10567-/273319925333 Here you can find a Xbee Assessory Shield, that I had mean and use at the moment.
https://www.diyelectronics.co.za/store/zigbee/1678-cc2530-zigbee-module-xbee-compatible-interface-core2530-b.html Here you can find ZigBee module CC2530 F256 that I had mean and at the moment on my school project work.