Why isn't I/O sampling emitting 0x92 type API packets?


I have setup up a ZB API net running a Coordinator on latest firmware 21A7 and an endpoint with firmware 29A7. I have set the endpoint up for I/O sampling every 1000ms by setting IR to 0x3E8.

All is working fine, but the packets the endpoint is sending to the Coordinator and it sends to its UART is of type 0x91, while the payload clearly can be decode as a 0x92. I would expect I/O sampling to return an “IO Sampling Rx Indicator” packet 0x92 rather than the more generic “Explicit Rx Indicator” 0x91.

A bug or bad/missing documentation? Reading the 90000976_V.pdf does not mention much about 0x92s except for describing it.

Found the answer myself - AO must be 0 on the coordinator for it to emit type 0x92 packets.

However, I’d still state the documentation should be clearer here - the IR setting should clearly indicate what kind of packets are generated and the fact that AO must be properly set…

Check your AI and AO settings.