Xbee ADC periodic sampling and explicit RX indicator

Hi I have configured an XBee XBP24-ZB as an end device with firmware 29A7. With XCTU I have configured it for sending a periodic sampling of ADC (D0) in a sampling rate of 3E8.

The coordinator receives the frame correctly with the values of ADC (periodically) but the frame type is 0x91 (Explicit RX Indicator). Why is sending this type of frame if the data is IO? How can I do to receive the same data as 0x92 (IO Data Sample RX Indicator)?.

The problem with 0x91 is that the listener in JAVA (MyExplicitDataReceiver) that uses the object ExplicitXBeeMessage doesn’t have any method to extract the value of ADC.

Instead the class of 0x92 (MyIOSampleReceiveListener) is prepared to extract the value of ADC with the object IOsample.

I’m sure that I can adapt the class MyExplicitDataReceiver in order to extract the IO ADC but it has no sense if I have otherone doing the same job.

Thank you

Look at your AO command. You want it to be 0.

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