why sleep current is high

i just configure the end device as follows…
ST=1388(hex)=5 sec
i didn’t put any application running on the XBee .
when the end device is in the network and when it is in sleeping mode it is taking 5.6mA??
why it is taking 5.6mA??
practically it has to take less than 10 micro amperes…
what might be the problem?? :frowning: :frowning:

That is most likely the result of the PR or Pull-up resistor command. Try Disabling any pull-ups that are on unused lines. You should see the current reduce.

Thanks for your reply…
I just made it as you said I made PR=0 since I am not using any pins but even then I am getting value as 5.5mA ??? What might be the problem??

I would now start looking at what lines are set to what values and set any unused lines as an output low.