WiFi Connection problem about CP X5

Hello everyone,

I have come up with a WiFi connection question about the Connectport X5 box. If one place’s WiFi spot needs password for authentication, is there any way for the device to config and connect to the WiFi automatically? Or we need a laptop to config the WiFi manually.


Hi all,

As my understanding, even if there is any python program could access the WiFi security setting and change it, we cannot make this process automatically. The reason is you do not know the WiFi spot name and password for a particular position. If you know them, you still need to change the parameters in the program manually. I do not know if my understanding is correct. If any mistakes, please tell me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t even seen a working X5 (they are generally bought by large OEM/truck firms).

The X5 does start with some default WiFi config (that would be in the manuals) but it won’t match your existing access points.

If you want the X5 to connect to ‘your’ WiFi infrastructure, then you’d need to manually use a PC or other method to enter the information.

If you want the X5 to ‘roam’ around various customer WiFi (for example a deliervy truck capable of using a customer’s public WiFi as back-haul), you’d need some piece of Python code to (somehow) browse the available SSID and select permited ones.


Wi-Fi setting on the CPX5 can be provided by 232 Serial port thruogh CLI by 'set wlan (wifi configuration) ’ command. If you give command as ‘set wlan?’ command than you will get wifi setting information.

The same thing can be provided by the python code, using CLI interface once CPX5 is connected either through ethernet or Wi-Fi. e.g. For different wi-fi networks can be checked and cofiguration changed for the connection by providing the different settings for different networks.