WiFi S6B WR use sparingly

The WiFi S6B manual in the “AT Commands” about WR (Write)
“Use the WR command sparingly to preserve flash”
Ref Pg197
XBee Wi-Fi RF Module S6B User Guide 90002180 RevU 2019Aug

I’m using a library https://github.com/vshymanskyy/TinyGSM
and when it comes out of sleep it sets a few parameters ATAP0 ATGT64 ATCT64 followed by an ATWR .

What does “Use the WR command sparingly to preserve flash” mean.
If the values of a register are already set, is the ATWR smart enough to see that and not make changes in the flash?.

many thanks

It means that you should only issue the WR if the values you are setting have not already been written to flash. IE, you should read the values and ONLY if they are different should you set the value and write it.

@mvut Many thanks.
Sorry it was an obvious question, but just wondering with all the other smarts in the software, if this was being driven by a hardware limitation on the life of the internal persistence store.
To state a fact about hardware specifications, if there is a limited life of the internal persistent store (like there is with EEPROM), I would expect that to be identified in the hardware specification.
If it isn’t a limitation in the hardware persistent store, then I’m wondering what the limitation is?