Writing to an XBee (remotely)

I have a question regarding writing settings in XBee, remotely (or not).

I’m using “Remote AT Command” Frame Type to change parameters of a remote XBee in AT mode.

If I send multiple frames of remote AT command, with Apply Changes Remote command options enable, it will rewrite every time that the remote XBee receive that packet?, or it has some logic that if the changes was applied so the frame will have no effect?

I’m asking this because I’m aware if the XBee will behave badly if there are a lot of frame with the same command applied over and over.
At software Level XCTU manage this but at hardware level?

I think that the same discussion is valid with local AT command too.

PD: I’m using this as an strategy to wake up asynchronous sleeping XBees.

It does not Write the settings you are providing in the remote AT command API frame to the flash. It is only telling the radio to allow this command to take effect right away and it will do that for each and every Remote AT command received with the Apply changes flag enabled. What is recommended if you are going to make several changes is to issue all of the AT commands without the apply changes enabled. Then on the last remote AT command, enable the apply changes. This way they will all take effect at the same time.

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