XBee 2.4 DigiMesh unable to save settings on remote node over-the-air

I found (maybe) a bug. When I try to change settings on remote node over-the-air using XCTU software, after power cycle, settings is gone. When I use XCTU and use a cable for settings, all new settings is stored in EEPROM.

I use XBP24-DM (local node attached to PC) and XB24-DM (remote node which have loop-back on RX-TX pins). firmware is 8003 on both nodes.

Is anyone found similar trouble?



I don’t think this is a bug as such. When you make changes to the configuration, they’re written to EEPROM only when a write command (ATWR) is given. Without the WR, you’d expect to lose the changes on a power cycle.

What I suspect is happening is that when you are using X-CTU to make changes via the cable, X-CTU is issuing the WR command without you realizing it, and that’s why the changes are stored.

There was another topic “XBP24 Node Discover Problem” in which a related issue was discussed.

When you make the changes remotely, try issuing a WR command afterwards. If that doesn’t cure the problem, let us know.

Ok, I understand that. But With XBP24-B ZNET 2.5, same procedure is store settings in non-volatile memory.

I will try to manual send ATWR command, and I am very sure that do the job. I will inform you about that.

Thank you on support.


Today I try to manual send Remote ATWR command in next form:
7E 00 0F 17 03 00 13 A2 00 40 08 E6 6D FF FE 02 57 52 ED

But response from remote node is ERROR (01 before last Byte)
7E 00 0F 97 03 00 13 A2 00 40 08 E6 6D FF FE 57 52 01 6E

So, I don’t know where is mistake?

To check functionality of module, another command which I try, return Ok status.
ATFR: 7E 00 0F 17 03 00 13 A2 00 40 08 E6 6D FF FE 02 46 52 FE
Response: 7E 00 0F 97 03 00 13 A2 00 40 08 E6 6D FF FE 46 52 00 80

Hmm. Well, from my understanding (based on firmware 10C8), your ATWR packet is perfectly sane and healthy. And with the 10C8 firmware, I can confirm that I do happily use the WR command remotely, and it works.

I’ve also just looked at the 8x0x documentation. As far as I can see, the description of the remote AT command is the same as for 1xCx.

So I’m now wondering whether there’s an issue with the remote WR command under the firmware that you’re using.

My suggestion at this stage would be to put in a support request to the good folks at Digi, mentioning this topic for background info. I’d be interested to know the answer to the problem, so if you could post an update to this topic when you get it, I for one would be grateful.

Ok, I send support request, and now we are wait :slight_smile: I will post any new information about this topic.

Thank you.

This is answer about topic, from digi support:
“It appears the issue you are experiencing is a bug within the existing 8003 firmware. However, the issue has already been addressed and will be resolved on the next release of the firmware version.”

Ok, we now wait…