Will my setup work ?

My Project is remote control of Pumps. I want to know whether my setup works or not. I have a mikroe

SpeakUP which works at 3.3V. It has UART pins and it gives out Voice Msg Index (int value) like 0,

1, 2, 3,… through its Tx pin. I want to interface Xbee’s Rx pin to Tx pin of SpeakUp and 3.3V pins

of XBee and SpeakUp to +ve of CR2032 battery and GND pins of XBee and speakUp to -ve of CR2032

battery. The receiver will have a Arduino Mini Pro 3.3V version and a XBee Pro. XBee’s Tx pin will

be connected to Rx pin of Arduino working at 3.3V. GND pins of XBee and Arduino will be connected to

GND and 12V power will be given to Vin pin of Arduino and from Vcc (3.3V) pin of Arduino power is

given to XBee. RESET pin of XBee will be left unconnected. The receiver XBee has to get 0,1,2,3,…

and based on the value received operate different pumps through BC337 and 12V relay’s. Can the Reset

pin of XBee left unconnected ? Will my setup work ? In Transmitter can I leave Tx pin of XBee

unconnected ? In receiver can I leave Rx pin of XBee unconnected ?

Yes, the reset line, DI and DO can be left disconnected as you have listed. As for will this work, I do not know. That is dependent on your Arduino and what is connected to the output of the other Xbee module.

No. I will connect Tx of SpeakUp to DI (Rx) of Xbee at transmitter side. At receiver Xbee is connected to Nano using ITEAD Nano Shield. Xbee at receiver is interfaced to Tx and Rx pins of Nano. Reciver side I have no issue. What I want to know is whether my transmitting system work or not i.e., SpeakUp has a STM32 micro which gives int value data on its UART Tx line and also the SpeakUp works at 3.3V like XBee. So will jsut interfacing SpeakUp’s Tx pin to XBee’s DI pin will make XBee to transmit data to receiver system ?

As long as the two are using 8 Data bits, No parity, and 1 stop bit, there should be no reason why that would not work.