Will this XBee network function with routers coming in and out of range?

I would like to use XBee ZB modules (XBee-PRO ZB if needed for extended range) to implement communication network between mobile robots outdoors in suburban park environment. The coordinator node {c} will be stationary and each of 4 mobile robots will carry a router node {r0, r1, r2, r3}. There will be a person following each robot closely, well within the RF range, with a safety switch {s0, s1, s2, s3} implemented as a router node. The distance between c and any r node will vary and may reach up to 150m. It may be occluded by obstacles: structures, vegetation, hill, etc.

I would like to know, if the network will be able to repair itself when robot nodes keep loosing and reacquiring connection will coordinator node and each other while they rove around the park.

Yes they will be able to.

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