wireless sensor network: reference design hints

Hello Dia gurus,

We currently face following project specifications:

  • 20 microconotrollers gathering data (light, speed, compass,…)
  • these MCUs connect via XBEE modules to 1 gateway
  • gateway centralizes and stores all data
  • send the data once in a week via cellular to the iDigi database
  • plot & process data iDigi platform data

We chose iDigi as drop-in wireless solution + iDigi as platform.

What is the best reference design, example code or documentation to cover as much as possible of this design?
(MCU sends packetized data to XBEE module, XBEE module sends to gateway, gateway stores and sends to iDigi database via cellular)

Is this data chain possible with the Dia editor?

Thanx in advance!


You need to use xbee serial terminal driver for this. As per the specification, you may need to modify some driver. But rather than ConnectPort X gateway flash, it is desirable to upload data to iDigi Data storage every hour. You can select module type in the dia.yml editer as ‘xbee serial terminal’.

yes, perfect!
Thank you for the pointer!