Wiring Example XB-PRO SX 4-20mA Analog Input

Is there an actual wiring diagram available for the XBee-PRO SX Analog/Digital RF Modem?

Specifically for wiring current loop inputs to A1 - A4, I am unable to get expected result.


No I am not aware of one. Have you calibrated the inputs yet?

No, not calibrated anything yet.

I have all 4 AIs enabled configuration is current loop input, as follows:

D0 - 2
D1 - 2
D2 - 2
D3 - 2
P5 - 4
P6 - 5
P7 - 4
P8 - 5

3 analog units configured to send AI status to a remote 232/485 unit.

Strangely, pin A2 seems to correspond to DIO2/AD2, which logically should be A3 as the pins are numbered A1 - A4 and the AIs are numbered AI0 - AI3.

Likewise, Pin A3 corresponds to DIO3/AD3.

Pin A1 and A4 do not correspond to any DIO or AD that I can find.

Did you look at this part of the manual?

The modem converts the 4 - 20 mA input to a 0 - 2.5 V range. To sample the input current being sent into the modem, send the IS command. Read the appropriate analog input hex value and use the following equation to convert that number to the input current: