With Trustfence fdt can't load

I enabled trustfence with orginal image dey-image-tiny with yocto 2.6 and 3.0.

After start dboot linux nand linux I have error:

Flattened Device Tree blob at 8300000

  Booting using the fdt blob at 0x8300000

  Using Device Tree in place at 8300000, end 8300b55a

fdt_find_or_add_subnode: chosen: FDT_ERR_BADSTRUCTURE

ERROR: /chosen node create failed

  • must RESET the board…

Do I have to change loading address? If so where?, In uboot?

If you use ‘dboot linux mmc’ the U-Boot environment variable ‘fdt_file’ is used to select which device tree blob use during boot. By default a DTB with the minimum set of interfaces is used, to ensure compatibility. That is why you do not have wireless interface if you boot this way. (You can solve this by setting fdt_file to the DTB you want to use).

Anyways, that is not the correct way to boot. Once U-Boot has been flashed and the environment reset, the correct way to boot is to run ‘boot’. Some features depends on this (for example device tree selection, and bootscript authentication if using TrustFence).